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Truckstop Media's Boxhead Ensemble mini-site is currently under construction and should be posted soon. In the meantime, please visit Atavistic Records or Astria Suparak's Boxhead Ensemble mini-site for further information.

The press release for the upcoming Ensemble event at Fotofest 2004 follows below.

Boxhead Ensemble: Stories, Maps and Notes from the Half-Light
Improvised Music Performance and Film Screening
March 13, 2004 - 8:00 and 11:00 P.M.
The Aurora Picture Show, 800 Aurora Street, Houston, TX - (713) 868-2101
Tickets: $12

Improvising to a stellar program of poetic short films assembled by filmmakers Braden King and Astria Suparak, the Boxhead Ensemble will perform the North American premiere of "Stories, Maps and Notes from the Half-Light" as part of Fotofest 2004: The Tenth International Biennial of Photography and Photo-Related Art.

Initially joining forces to create the critically acclaimed soundtrack to Braden King and Laura Moya's film, Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back, members of the Ensemble's rotating lineup have participated in such notable musical groups as Wilco, Cat Power, Souled American, Freakwater, Gastr del Sol and Dirty Three, among others.

In this incarnation of the Ensemble, musicians Michael Krassner, Jim White, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Scott Tuma will accompany works by some of the most interesting filmmakers in modern experimental cinema, including Jem Cohen, Paula Froehle, David Gatten, Barbara Meter, Julie Murray, Guy Sherwin and Phil Solomon.

Critical praise for the Stories, Maps and Notes European tour:

"Compelling, magnetic, perfectly imperfect. This is performance art at the cutting edge but eminently accessible and personal. It is relevant, it is wonderful." - Shakenstir UK

"We like to think of the Boxhead Ensemble as a ghost ship, adrift in an endless sea of inspiration & freedom - thankfully washing ashore every couple years... conjuring their otherworldly sounds for us, making music that refuses to be tied to any genre, place, or time." - Kurt Kellison, Atavistic Records

Images, poster, and more information on the Ensemble and filmmakers:

- Atavistic Records
- Astria Suparak

About Fotofest:

FotoFest is a non-profit, international arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas. Its purpose is to create an international forum for the exchange of photography and ideas and to promote public appreciation of photographic art.

Aurora Picture Show


MICHAEL KRASSNER - piano, organ, guitar
[Ensemble Director, Lofty Pillars, Simon Joyner, +...]
Founder of the Boxhead Ensemble as well as sometime sideman for artists including Edith Frost, Simon Joyner, Tren Brothers and Songs:Ohia. His producing and recording credits are extensive, including Boxhead Ensemble, Simon Joyner, Manishevitz, Parker Paul, Songs:Ohia and his own band, the Lofty Pillars.

FRED LONBERG-HOLM - cello, Nykelharpa
[Pillow, Terminal 4, Lightbox, Peter Brotzmann 10tet, Freakwater, +...]
Lonberg-Holm is a top creative music cellist, active in a variety of projects in avant-garde jazz, sound experimentation and modern composition. He studied cello with Ardyth Alton and Orlando Cole and composition with Morton Feldman, Anthony Braxton and Bunita Marcus. His early career was based in New York City, working with such artists as Peep, Anthony Braxton's Creative Orchestra, John Zorn, God is My Co-Pilot and Anthony Coleman's Selfhaters. Since moving to Chicago in the early 90's, Lonberg-Holm has been involved in such projects as the Light Box Orchestra and Pillow. His recent work with Simon Joyner, Freakwater and the Lofty Pillars introduced Lonberg-Holm as one of the premiere arrangers in music today.

SCOTT TUMA - guitar, harmonica
[Solo, Souled American, +...]
As the long time guitarist for Souled American, Tuma developed his achingly beautiful sense of suspended time and melodic deconstruction. With his solo instrumental record, Hard Again, released in 2001 on Truckstop records, Tuma expands on his palate to create a truly unique and mesmerizing aesthetic. Tuma also graces us with his recent work with the Boxhead Ensemble and Simon Joyner's Hotel Lives.

JIM WHITE - drums and percussion
[Dirty Three, Cat Power, Smog, Nick Cave, +...]
Drummer for the Australian trio the Dirty Three and Boxhead Ensemble regular, Jim has also done drum duty for Nick Cave, Cat Power, Smog, Tren Brothers and Scott Tuma, among many others.


Program currently set to include the following films and filmmakers. Please check back for additions and updates:

JEM COHEN / [film to be announced]* / 2004 / 16mm

PAULA M. FROEHLE / Breathless Ghost* / 2001 / Regular 8mm & video

DAVID GATTEN / Hardwood Process / 1996 / 16mm

BARBARA METER / Greece, to me / 2001 / 16mm

JULIE MURRAY / 0* / 2001 / 16mm

GUY SHERWIN / Filter Beds / 1998 / 16mm


More information about the filmmakers and works online (see above links)

*Films created for the Boxhead Ensemble to perform to.

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