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Truckstop Media is a multi-media production company based in New York City with a web of projects, resources and collaborators stretching literally across the globe.

The company was originally founded in 1995 in a cavernous raw loft space in Chicago's South Loop as a partnership between three friends: recording engineer and musician Joeseph Ferguson, filmmaker Braden King and composer and musician Michael Krassner. With some borrowed equipment (and not enough knowledge to know better), the three eventually built the Truckstop Audio Recording Company with their own hands, initially conceived of as a space in which to realize their collective music-related projects.

As those projects grew in both number and scope, and more and more outsiders began to come in to record, the space was continually altered to accomodate new production necessities and creative interests. By 1998, even the loft's bedrooms had been taken over by an ad-hoc maze of offices, graphics suites and film and video editing facilities. Much of the space was still being held together by duct tape, and there were dirty dishes in the sink dating back to 1996, but dozens of recording sessions had passed through the studio, a feature film and numerous music videos had been edited in the space and Truckstop Records had been born in partnership with Chicago's Atavistic label.

In 1999, King moved to New York, soon establishing Truckstop Media / NYC. A full-blown film, video and audio production company, the New York office operates independently, but it also serves as one base for the myriad creative endeavors that have grown out of Truckstop's initial incarnation in Chicago.

In 2000, Krassner moved to Los Angeles, continuing his multi-faceted career as a composer, musician, record producer and recording engineer. In Chicago, Joeseph Ferguson has taken over the direction of Truckstop Records and also continues to work as a recording engineer. Though now geographically distant, the three continue to collaborate under the Truckstop umbrella, each forging ahead individually while maintaining a common, ever-expanding network of creative partnerships and activities.

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